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  1. Change your money at authorized foreign exchange outlets/Books/Hotel. Insist for receipt of money changed.
  2. foreign tourist who wish to overstay should contact the nearest foreigners Regional officer or the Sadar Police station in the town.
  3. Foreign tourists require inner line Permits to visit certain inner area of kinnaur district and spiti of the Lahul-Spiti district that borders Tibet-China. The Permits are issued by Resident commissioner of Himachal Pradesh, Himachal Bhawan, 27 , Sikandra Road, New Delhi and at Deputy Commissioner’s office at Shimla , Kinnaur at Recongpeo and SDM office at Kalpa, Kaza,Manali.
  4. Observe local traditions and custom especially while visiting religious places. Do not touch or remove religious objects.
  5. Keep Identity card/passport handy while travelling.
  6. While visiting interior places, please inquire about local authority contacts.
  7. Where available, It is advisable to use pre paid taxis/auto rickshaws or ask for the fare chart. Do hire only authorized taxis.
  8. Himachal has an enormous range of weather conditions. Most areas of Bilaspur, Una, Solan,Sirmour,Hamirpur and Kangra are largely warm to hot in summer and mild to pleasant in winter. The district of Chamba, Kinnaur, Kullu ,Shimla and cold in winter. Do check the clothing and other equipment you may require for the region you are visiting.
  9. Stay only in hotel/guest houses/home
  10. Before part taking in any adventure activity such as trekking, rafting, paragliding, local authorities such as SDM, police, Tourist offices etc . should be informed in advance and permission may be taken.
  11. Tourists intending to participate in adventure activities are advised to hire the services of those travel agents and guides who are registered with the department of tourism, HP Govt.
  12. Please keep important numbers of tourist information offices/police station with you.
  13. For sight-seeing and excursions, contact Himachal tourism offices, or government approved travel agents and tour operators. HPTDC oprates its own fleets of coaches and taxis.
  14. Some buildings and monuments require permission for photography and filming. Contact the nearest tourism office or concerned Administration for guidance and assistance.
  15. If a document is lost immediately contact the nearest police station or tourism office.
  16. Dispose all litter carefully. use cloth bag for carrying/shopping.
  17. Clean the camp site before you departure, because other people may use the sae site or can do same by watching your activities.
  18. Respect local etiquette
  19. Keep you valuables in hotel lockers/safe deposit vaults.
  20. STD/ISD/FAX facilities are available at small booths throughout the state.
  21. For medical assistance contact government hospital and dispensaries or accredited nursing homes/clinics/hospitals or call 108.
  22. For guide maps and information, contact Himachal Tourism Offices.
  23. Park your vehicles only at designated parking lots. Vehicles wrongly parked will be towed away. In case your vehicle towed away, please contact police control room.
  24. You can get your accommodation booked from anywhere through internet www.himachalhimalaya holidays.com .


  1. Don’t stand at the edge of cliff or on any bolder near a river bank for photographs etc. the water current in fast flowing rivers of Himachal Pradesh is very strong.
  2. Don’t consume alcohol at public places.
  3. Don’t encourage beggars.
  4. Don’t disfigure or scribble over rocks , trees, building etc.
  5. Don’t buy articles made from parts of rare or endangered species or animals.
  6. Do not smoke in public places/public vehicles.
  7. Don’t park your vehicles on the road side/ unauthorized parking.
  8. Don’t mix drink with driving.
  9. Don’t take your vehicle on sealed and restricted roads.
  10. Don’t leave non-biodegradable litter behind. The use of polythene is banned in Himachal Pradesh.
  11. Don’t be coerced in to shopping or sight-seeing tours by touts, taxi drivers or strangers. Let the department of tourism, Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, approved travel agents or your hotel help you.
  12. Do not use or carry any prohibited psychotropic or contraband drugs such as opium, heroin or marijuana which under narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances act is a crime and punishable offence with imprisonment under law.
  13. Don’t eat anything offered by unidentified persons on trains or during road travel. It may contain sedatives or intoxicating substances.
  14. Don’t bushes during trekking in the high altitude areas.
  15. Don’t take photographs of local inhabitants without their permission.